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Drop your bids if your keyword is on this list

Anybody who’s bidding in Google AdWords on any of the words in this list of top-paying AdSense keywords [1] better drop their bids or stop syndicating your ads on the AdSense network, or be prepared to pay for a bunch of worthless non-converting traffic. That’s because it’s about to become a feeding frenzy of bloggers and site owners on the AdSense network optimizing their content to get ads for these top-paying keywords to show up on their sites.

UPDATE: Just to clarify… Cyberwyre’s list of top pay-paying keywords is inaccurate, as already noted on Threadwatch [2]. Despite that, he’s gotten a ton of visibility and links for this list. It’s even been ‘digged’. Because of that visibility, inevitably there are webmasters signed up with AdSense who are taking Cyberwire’s list at face value and are targeting the terms on that list. So regardless of whether the list is accurate or not, as long as it’s out there with high visibility the terms on that list are a target.

blackmarketlabs [3]