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“Search Master” teaches SEO101 but needs SEM101 himself

Was surfing an SEO blog and this Google ad caught my eye:

Google ad for an SEO seminar in Auckland

I’m pretty up to speed with the SEO experts in New Zealand, being based here and all, and I hadn’t heard of any SEO training being given by any master optimizer in Auckland. I was intrigued to learn more about this self-proclaimed “Search Master”. So I clicked. Guess what I got! Yep, a nasty error instead of a landing page!

The page you requested could not be found. Please click here to return to the homepage

Methinks this “Search Master” with his SEO101 and SEO201 courses needs to go back to school himself for SEM101. 😉

Lesson #1 in SEM101: If you’re going to pay for clicks, make sure your landing page works!

We all make mistakes, but this seminar is in 3 days and you’d think he’d be watching the online registrations pretty closely right about now…

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1 Comment To "“Search Master” teaches SEO101 but needs SEM101 himself"

#1 Comment By Michael Brandon On 3/23/2007 @ 12:42 am

He he. Even the best of us make mistakes 😉 I had created a custom landing page especially for the adwords, then promptly deleted it since it had been outside the normal menu structure of the site :(. The page went back up rather fast once I had realised. Another person emailed me – why didn’t you!

It highlighted an interesting fact about Adwords – Google checks the page at the time of creation, but does not do ongoing checks. You have to make a few mistakes like that to understand how it all works.

I liked your SEO101 at the Sydney Search Engine Room conference this week. Spoke to a few people that considered your seminar was one of the highlights. I consider my version is a bit more meaty, but was good to hear someone elses. Just a pity that the sessions are so short.

The conference was a great place to meet with potential clients, and it was good talking with other SEO consultants. It was interesting to hear how other consultants also find it hard to get corporates to actually follow SEO recommendations.