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Google Employees Can’t Find PageRank – Must Search For It

Last night, I was comparing relative popularity of a few keywords in Google Trends, and I noticed that the term, “PageRank”, apparently has the highest number of searches in the US from people in the city of Mountain View, California:

Google PageRank Searches [1]
Searches for PageRank by Top US Cities [2]

http://www.google.com/trends?q=pagerank&ctab=0&geo=US&date=all [3]

As you may be aware, Google headquarters is located in Mountain View (see map [4]).

So the most likely reason that most US “PageRank” searches happen in that little town is that Google employees are frequently submitting searches for info about PageRank. They may be searching for what people are saying about PageRank, or they may be searching for new research papers concerning the algorithm. But, they’re definitely searching for it…

For the one place in the world that has the most PageRank of all, you’d think they wouldn’t have to search for it. 😉



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