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Local Search Mentions in the News

It was cool that Greg Sterling mentioned one of my projects during the last week — (the site was previously known as “”, prior to our recent divestment from Verizon Corporation):

Idearc Local Search

It’s always gratifying to have one’s work get noticed!

In a less-than-glowing mention of me, David Naffziger, VP of Strategy and BizDev at Judy’s Book, was critical of my recent article on Extreme Local Search Optimization Tactics. He apparently feels that some of these tips could result in “spamming” online directory listings. I beg to differ, of course. (Not to be too pedantic, but his use of the word, “spam”, is inaccurate because spam is the mass-mailing of unsolicited email notes of a commercial nature. My posting had nothing to do with email. Heh!)

Read on for my rebuttal on this and some more local search news.


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