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Superpages Launches LocalServe Affiliate Program

Superpages.com [1]I see that my former company, Idearc Media, finally launched the Superpages LocalServe [2]SM Affiliate Program.

LocalServe was developed by one of the development teams reporting to me during the past year before I left, and it was quietly in beta release up until now.

This is a great way for local info sites and vertical industry-related sites to make money, and the content is perfectly compatible for those niche markets. Superpages has a very rich set of general listings and local search advertisers which can enhance the content of local and vertical sites, while also providing a good revenue stream.

A hearty congratulations to two of my developers who put so much time and effort into it – Vlad Gutnyk [3] and Roger Berry [4]! Well done! They worked closely with Jim McDonald [5] (Business Development Department) who was the product manager who provided the business requirements and user-acceptance criteria for the project.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the early adopters of the LocalServe program – you can view the content on their sites:

dianabol 10 [9]