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Advanced Search Engine Optimization for College & University Websites

I earlier posted some basic tips for SEO of University & College websites here on Natural Search Blog. I’m now circling back around to post some advanced tips for optimization of .EDU sites. Some of these tips are more along the lines of helping out with overall marketing, though using the college’s or university’s web presence to accomplish it. Even those ancillary efforts can contribute to the overall online marketing and natural search optimization success.


I wrote those tips after getting a number of interested questions from educational professionals attending the AMA Hot Topics seminar that Stephan and I provided in San Fran a few weeks ago. Read on for the details of my .EDU secret sauce!

Advanced natural search and online optimization tips for .EDU sites:

All these tips should help your university’s web presence bump up to the next level, and they should all augment your various other marketing and promotional strategies.

Be sure to tell us in the comments of this article how well these tips may be working for you, and what other innovative advanced natural search optimization work you’ve done with your particular .EDU sites!

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