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New Results Filtering Parameter for Google Image Search

The Google Operating System blog reported this past weekend that Google Image Search introduced a new parameter [1]that can allow you to pull up only images of people’s faces or only images from news sites/stories.

Adding “&imgtype=face” at the end of the URL querystring for a keyword search in the Image Search will filter the results to display only images of people. Adding “&imgtype=news” filters the results to only come from established news sites.

For example, a search for “Texas [2]” typically only returns images of texas maps, flags, and city skylines. Adding “&imgtype=face” to the end of the querystring results in photos of people associated with “Texas” [3] in some way.

The writer at Google Operating System theorizes that this could be the first visible manifestation of Google’s acquisition of Neven Vision [4]as it incorporates some of their facial-recognition technology into the image search algorithm.

It’d be interesting to see what other filtering parameter values there might be. Is this sort of enhancement announced on some Google blog somewhere?

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