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Factory Offers Up Rooftop Space for Ads

A company named Kumomo [1] has issued a press release recently, announcing that it will sell rooftop ad space on one of Malaysia’s largest factories. Is this to be the first node in a network of roof billboard advertising space? The ads would be intended to be seen in Google Maps/Earth and via airplanes.

The rooftop ad would be installed by the California company, RoofAds [2], which specializes in painting logos and art onto the tops of buildings. Although Kumomo’s site and press release are vague about details on the roof in question, after considerable searching of satellite pics in Google Maps I was finally able to locate the location of the building where they’re intending to place the ad. Disconcertingly, the exact place is mostly obscured by clouds in the Google satellite pic, or perhaps it’s the factory’s own smoke:

Malaysian Factory Offering Roof Space for Ad
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They’re offering the adspace up in November, so perhaps they based that timeframe on when the satellite pix are scheduled to be updated in Google? I’d like to know if Kumomo contacted Google and asked about when the photo of that area would be due for an update.

While a generous 40% of the ad’s revenue is earmarked to go to the charitable interest of building school facilities for Cambodian children, I’d recommend that any interested companies proceed with some level of care and due diligence. The US State Department’s report on human rights for Malaysia [3] states that there is child labor in some areas of the country, and there could potentially be bad working conditions — if such problems are happening at this particular factory, any good publicity derived from purchasing the roof ad could be damaged if there were later disclosures of abuses at that specific location.

I looked everywhere and could not find the name of the factory or any other info about it, which leads me to recommend a cautious approach. I hope Kumomo might expand further by adding details about the facility, and reassuring potential advertisers about the factory’s conditions. If it’s all-clear, it would be worth the publicity and the cause sounds very worthy, too.

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