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Cool Yellow Pages Billboard Ads from Israel

Ad agency Young & Rubicam’s Israeli office came up with this great billboard and tv campaign to promote the Golden Pages [1] — Isreal’s primary yellow pages company. This is one of the more effective yellow pages billboard campaigns I’ve seen — they’re funny, engaging, and simple enough to read when driving:

Y&R Billboard - Acupuncture
Acupuncture – billboard for Israeli Yellow Pages, the Golden Pages

Here’s their funny pinnocchio-inspired video ad [2].

The Y&R Israel blog shows some of these in Hebrew [3] – I’m assuming they mocked up the ads in English primarily for promotional release distribution in America — I bet these English versions of the ads are not actually being used on billboards anywhere, but I couldn’t get confirmation from Y&R before posting this.

Click through to see some more cool billboards from the sequence…

Y&R Billboard - Ironing


Y&R Billboard - Circumciser
Circumciser (reminds me of vasectomy billboards I’ve seen in the U.S.)


Y&R Billboard - Mirrors


Y&R Billboard - Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy


Y&R Billboard - Smoke Detectors
Smoke Dectors


Y&R Billboard - Cranes


Y&R Billboard - Lawyers

Promo materials for the Golden Pages states that they’ve been in existence for over forty years, and they’ve got over 700K of searches per month.

купить запчасти на велосипед [4]