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Search Marketing Basics Tip: Include a URL on Your Products

This may seem like a no-brainer because, well, it is — but if you manufacture and sell products you should think of ways to include your contact information on those items so that people could find out where to get them – particularly you should include a URL. The typical person encounters and uses hundreds of objects every day, so leaving your company info off of your products can represent a lot of missed opportunities. Read on for details…

I’m currently staying in the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Chicago, and I noticed how cleverly a manufacturer’s info was integrated into the shower head in my bathroom:

Speakman Shower Head
[click to enlarge]

Not only have they included their company name, Speakman, and the product name, AnyStream* 2005, but they managed to nicely integrate their URL,, and their phone number, 1-800-537-2107. And they included it right at the point where most people will end up staring every morning!

This is just brilliant! In the fast-paced world of search marketing, we’re always looking for technical tricks and practices to get our online message distributed, but we need to remember that offline URLs can convert, too, and may provide a really compelling and cheap method for promotion.

Oh — and, the shower head was indeed really effective! I travel a lot, and this is by far one of the best shower heads I’ve ever had in a hotel bathroom! Kudos to the marketing personnel at Speakman Company!

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