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Image Sharing Sites & Search Engine Optimization

I just wrote an article on Search Engine Land on how to use image optimizations for local search engine optimization [1]. Even prior to Google’s introduction of Universal Search [2], a number of us have been suggesting that improving one’s placement in various search verticals beyond the primary web search could help one’s overall natural search marketing program. I’ve written previously about optimization of image content [3] and optimizing through Flickr [4] — and optimizing for local search [5], while SES Conference sessions have covered optimizing video content [6], Rohit Bhargarva has written about optimizing through social media [7], Matt McGee has written on optimizing for Google’s Map Search [8], and Neil Patel has written on optimizing for blog search [9].

If you’re interested in a great overview of the convergence of vertical search in the newly blended Universal Search, check out this article by my colleague, P.J. Fusco on “Personalized, Universal and Optimized [10]“.

SES 2007

If you’re interested in more details on how to optimize for image search and how to optimize through image sharing sites such as Flickr [11], Fotki [12], and 23 [13], be sure to catch the panel session I’ll be participating in at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose [14] in August. I’ll be joined again by my colleagues, Shari Thurow [15], and Liana Evans [16] along with perhaps a couple of engineers from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Live.

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