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Is SEO Awareness Dropping? Google Trends Shows it May Be

Using Google Trends, I was noticing how searches in Google for “Search Engine Optimization” seems to be dropping over the last two years:

Searches for Search Engine Optimization in Google Trends
(click to enlarge)

While searches for that long term are decreasing, searches for the acronym, “SEO“, would appear to be on an increasing trend:

Google Trends - SEO
(click to enlarge)

Yet, I suspect that if we were able to filter out searches for Jae Seo, baseball player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, we’d likely see either a flat or decreasing trend-line. Considering the dropping trend for “Search Engine Optimization”, I think this is possibly a reasonable assumption. The trend-lines of the two could be expected to be similar.

Also interesting to mention that searches for “Search Marketing” appear to be holding steady:

Google Trends - Search Marketing
(click to enlarge)

I think that perhaps the Search Marketing industry perhaps still needs to do a better job in educating a wider community of marketers in the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing.


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