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Is SEO Awareness Dropping? Google Trends Shows it May Be

Using Google Trends, I was noticing how searches in Google for “Search Engine Optimization [1]” seems to be dropping over the last two years:

Searches for Search Engine Optimization in Google Trends
(click to enlarge)

While searches for that long term are decreasing, searches for the acronym, “SEO [2]“, would appear to be on an increasing trend:

Google Trends - SEO
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Yet, I suspect that if we were able to filter out searches for Jae Seo, baseball player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, we’d likely see either a flat or decreasing trend-line. Considering the dropping trend for “Search Engine Optimization”, I think this is possibly a reasonable assumption. The trend-lines of the two could be expected to be similar.

Also interesting to mention that searches for “Search Marketing” appear to be holding steady:

Google Trends - Search Marketing
(click to enlarge)

I think that perhaps the Search Marketing industry perhaps still needs to do a better job in educating a wider community of marketers in the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing.


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