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Google Dance

Here are some of my pix from the Google Dance last week.

Google Dance
Google Dance 2007 logo & party invite

Google Dance, if you don’t know, is humorously named after “Googledance” a colloquialistic term used by webmasters to describe how the Google search results used to sort of “dance around” for a few days during major PageRank or indexing updates. Google re-co-opted the term, if that’s the right word, and use “Google Dance” to refer to the annual party they throw for search engine marketing experts attending the Search Engine Strategies (“SES”) Conference every year.

Click through to see more pics from Google Dance as well as some from the SES Conference.

Map of Google Headquarters - Googledance
Google Dance Party Map


Definition of Googledance and Google Dance
Party crowd in the Googleplex courtyard


Google Dance
Googledance Disco Section


Netconcepts Team @ Googledance 2007
The Netconcepts Team that attended SES


The Candy Bar at Google Dance
The Candy Bar


Why did I eat the Google candy?!?
Why did I eat the Google candy?!?


Bobbing Baloons at Google Dance
Google facilities all sport colorful balls
in bright, primary/secondary colors –
here they are balloons, bobbing gently
in the breeze at Google Dance

View the entire set of pics I took at Google Dance [1], and also pics from the overall SES Conference in San Jose 2007 [2] which include pics of the Keynote with Ask.com’s Jim Lanzone. Some of my pics of the Keynote Conversation between Google’s VP of  Marissa Mayer [3] and Danny Sullivan also appeared in Internetnews.com and CNET stories covering the event.

second class citizen [4]