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Examples of Roof Ads

I thought it might be interesting to do a survey of roof ads from around the country, so here are a number of examples that can be found in online mapping systems such as Google Maps.

Closeup of Amoco Roof Ad Amoco Welcomes You To The Big Apple
Roof Ad in New York City

If you recall, over a year ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about how to optimize rooftop ads for best exposure in online maps, although some of the tips could actually be taken seriously if one did wish to market through advertising in this manner.

Rooftop Ads seen near Miami Airport
Roof Ads near Miami Airport (click to enlarge)

Now, most of the “roofvertisements” I could find were likely done with the intention of targeting promotional messages to airplane passengers, since most of the examples I can find are from buildings located near major airports. In happy serendipity for these companies, these ads are now also visible through the satellite images and aerial photos that have become table stakes for map search interfaces, so they’re getting dual use for them along with extra ad impressions. It’s pretty surprising to me that more companies haven’t painted promotional copy on their roofs, though, since I see tons of expansive, white roof “canvas” that would be ideal for this located near airports.

The Salvation Army rooftop ad, Seattle
The Salvation Army in Seattle – (click to enlarge)

Click through for even more samples.

Target Roof near Chicago O'Hare Airport
Target near Chicago O’Hare

Target has done more of these rooftop ads consistently than just about any company, I think.

Roof Graffiti Ad, New York City
Graffiti Ad in New York

This Graffiti Ad seen via Microsoft Live Map Search appears to be a bit of Guerilla Marketing, since I’m not at all sure they had permission to do that. It seems to’ve been painted over in subsequent images. The ad reads “PERSONS IN PLANES CALL 718-707-3362”. I checked to find the organization associated with the phone number, and can see that it is for something called “Flux Factory” which has a site at and bills itself as “a not for profit arts organization supporting innovation in things.”

Las Vegas Roofvertisement
Las Vegas Roof Ad Effectively Includes Phone #

LG rooftop ad, near LAX
LG roof logo near LAX

Mattel rooftop ad near LAX
Mattel Roof Logo in Los Angeles Ad on Rooftop Ad in Chicago (click to enlarge)

ENCO roof ad, Nashville
Roofvertisement in Nashville

Kodak Theatre roof logo, Hollywood, CA
Kodak Theatre roof logo, Hollywood, CA

Peabody Place Rooftop Ad
Peabody Place ad, Memphis, TN

Ad reads “Come downtown and play”
and includes the Peabody logo to one side.

Chicago Roof Ad
Centerpoint Properties, Chicago Roof Ad

Quite a number of sports arenas and event centers have roof ads:

American Airlines Center roof ad, Miami
American Airlines Center roof ad, Miami

Reliant Stadium Roof Ad, Houston, Tx
Reliant Stadium in Houston

SBC Center roof ad, San Antonio
SBC Center, San Antonio

American Airlines Center roof ad, Dallas
American Airlines Center, Dallas

Here’s the Roof Ads set in Flickr.

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