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Double Your Trouble: Google Highlights Duplication Issues

Maile Ohye posted a great piece on Google Webmaster Central on the effects of duplicate content as caused by common URL parameters. There is great information in that post, not least of which it validates exactly what a few of us have stated for a while: duplication should be addressed because it can water down your PageRank.

Double Trouble: Duplicate Content Problems

Maile suggests a few ways of addressing dupe content, and she also reveals a few details of Google’s workings that are interesting, including:

Maile’s suggestions reiterate some of the de-duplication advice I’ve previously given, and I’ve also suggested having your site resolve to a single domain name to reduce duplication (along with Google’s Matt Cutts, who also recommends domain canonicalization).

Each of the search engines handle duplication issues a little differently, making it desirable to use best practices to manage the issue, if you really want to improve your site’s natural search performance.

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