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Double Your Trouble: Google Highlights Duplication Issues

Maile Ohye posted a great piece on Google Webmaster Central on the effects of duplicate content [1] as caused by common URL parameters. There is great information in that post, not least of which it validates exactly what a few of us have stated for a while [2]: duplication should be addressed because it can water down your PageRank.

Double Trouble: Duplicate Content Problems

Maile suggests a few ways of addressing dupe content, and she also reveals a few details of Google’s workings that are interesting, including:

Maile’s suggestions reiterate some of the de-duplication advice [2] I’ve previously given, and I’ve also suggested having your site resolve to a single domain name to reduce duplication [3] (along with Google’s Matt Cutts, who also recommends domain canonicalization [4]).

Each of the search engines handle duplication issues a little differently, making it desirable to use best practices to manage the issue, if you really want to improve your site’s natural search performance.