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Google Presentation App: Presently

The Inquirer reports [1] that Google may soon deploy slideshow presentation creation and display software which they’ll call “Presently”. This application was apparently developed out of code that Google got with their acquisition of Zenter and Tonic Systems earlier this year. The new presentation software will join the other Google Apps suite of products which include Google Spreadsheets, Google Write, and Gmail.

Google Presently

This is an interesting development…

Tonic SystemsI previously reported about how the Google Apps for Education program [2] was set to ramp up adoption of Google’s thin client [3] applications by seducing colleges and universities into using their free and cheap levels of services. Google has also recently signed on CapGemini as a distribution partner in a deal which Microsoft has sharply criticized [4] by saying that the Google Apps are not sufficiently robust to support the needs of many businesses.

Zenter screen
Zenter Application Screen
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I know that the application will not have nearly the amount of bells and whistles found in PowerPoint, but it could be “good enough” for the purposes of many lower-level users who don’t have the know-how or time to learn how to use the extensive features in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft’s criticism is going to be blunted a bit, though, when Presently is finally released, because the suite of apps will be that much more solid.

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