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SMX Local & Mobile Conference Discount

If you haven’t decided to attend the Search Marketing Expo Local & Mobile Conference on October 1 & 2, you’ll be missing out on the newest tips and information for two overlapping search segments that are considered to contain some of the fastest-growing marketing potential of any media around. The consensus prediction is for $8 billion in total ad spending by 2010!

SMX Local & Mobile Speaker

I’ll be speaking on the subject of “Managing a Local/Mobile Search Marketing Campaign” on the morning of the first day. There are also a number of other interesting presentations that I plan to attend, covering subjects such as Local SEO, Pay-Per-Call Advertising, Mobile SEO, Mobile Advertising, and LoMo.

For readers of Natural Search Blog, we’re able to offer a conference discount of 20% off the full registration price if you sign up now. Just go to the SMX Local & Mobile 07 registration, and enter our discount code:


Google’s advent of Universal Search has propelled content from a number of search verticals into the main results page, including content from Local Search in many cases. This development has opened the eyes of many marketers to the fact that businesses with local components really need to specifically target their content to appear optimally under this new paradigm.

Also, there have been a few evolutionary leaps in the development of cell phones and other mobile devices, as shown by the rapid success of the iPhone. Industry analysts have predicted that usage of mobile services in the US is likely on it’s way to becoming far more popular and ubiquitous than ever before — a situation not unlike the introduction and rise in popularity of the internet itself.

Learning about Local Search, Mobile Search, and the combination of the two (“LoMo”) is going to be vital for effective broad-spectrum interactive marketing. The SMX Local & Mobile Conference will be a great opportunity for getting ahead of the curve and discovering the latest information.

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