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WikipediaVision Mashes Up With Google Maps and Wikipedia

An addictive little mashup called WikipediaVision [1] has combined Google Maps with live data on updates from the English Wikipedia to display the geolocation of people editing articles in near real-time. The map rapidly pans back and forth across the world, pinpointing the locations of users who have just edited an article, and displaying the name of the article and its hyperlink.

(click to enlarge)

It’s interesting and hypnotic to sit and watch where in the world the most recent article update has occurred. It’s sort of educational to witness the sequence of article edits, too, because I think it gives one a real feel for how fast articles can get edited, reverted, re-edited, etc. Just while watching it all unfold, I’ve witnessed little minor tiffs as someone in South America edits and article and then someone in Canada shortly after goes and reverts the edit or adjusts it as well.

The mashup is created by László Kozma, and it’s inspired by David Troy’s FlickrVision [2] which allows you to see the most recent photos uploaded by endusers on a worldwide map.

One thing that I’d suggest that László might add to this: display the username of the person who’s making the edit in the little pinpoint cloud, hyperlinked to their user page!

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