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Hello from New Zealand

Swans on the Lake [1]I’m in New Zealand for this week and the next, working with our fantastic Kiwi development team at our Netconcepts [2] offices in Browns Bay, at the northernly end of Auckland’s metro area. (We’re working on more innovative SEO [3] features for our GravityStream product, but Shhhhhhh)

I’m still adjusting to the radical time zone twist from over here — it’s currently about 2:20 pm Tuesday here at the office, while it’s about 7:20 pm Monday back in the Central time zone in the US. So, I’m responding to emails and such a bit later in the day than I normally do.

If you want to see some of the beautiful sites I’ve been seeing while over here, keep checking back at my Flickr New Zealand Photos [4] album which I’ll be updating consistently.

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