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Digital Graffiti Goes Mainstream: TIME Magazine Article

I noticed that TIME covered [1] the laser graffiti artists of the Graffiti Research Lab this week. Nearly a year ago, I covered the phenomenon of guerrilla marketing via laser light [2] images “drawn” on the sides of buildings at night.

Laser Message on Building, Barcelona [3]

Having this covered in a mainstream rag like TIME is probably nearly enough to make the concept jump the shark [4], and the novelty element and guerrilla marketing value could be virtually annihilated by familiarity.

I’m not really complaining so much as noting the effect — and noting that the promotion value of the medium could become rapidly eroded when it’s too common. The novelty and amusement factor could give way to annoyance if laser displayed images on buildings became frequent. When a methodology hits mainstream, it’s no longer “guerrilla”. 🙂

стоматология москвы [5]