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SMX LoMo Keynote: Frazier Miller

Frazier Miller, General Manager of Yahoo! Local, spoke yesterday here at the SMX Local & Mobile [1] conference in San Francisco.

Frazier Miller, Yahoo! Local's General Managers
Yahoo! Local’s Frazier Miller

It was very interesting to hear the take on local & mobile from one of Yahoo! Local’s top thought leaders. It was obvious that Frazier has a very tight grip on understanding what motivates consumers and where the trends may be headed in local/mobile evolution.

Some highlights of Frazier’s presentation included:

Frazier’s candidness was refreshing when he spoke openly about other companies’ services which he found to be highly compelling for local work. These included:

What Yahoo! may be working on for the future:

Frazier stated that there are reasons to believe that mobile search marketing may finally be arriving, despite past predictions of critical mass that were off-base. The devices and hardware have evolved, with Moore’s law reducing down the cost of the products. Connectivity rates and badwith have improved. And devices and carriers are both opening up for app developers, with the technology getting beyond just SMS.

Yahoo’s Blueprint platform for mobile is different from Google’s Android, and may be superior in terms of easing development. Yahoo’s motto for this is “write once, run anywhere”.

Based on Frazier’s presentation, I think it will be interesting to continue to watch what Yahoo! is developing and deploying in the Local Search space.

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