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Great Material For In-House SEOs

I’ll be giving a presentation at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies “SES” San Jose conference on “How to Speak Geek: Working Collaboratively With Your IT Department to Get Stuff Done [1]“.

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Search Engine Strategies Conference

This promises to be a great session, and I have some cool tips to impart on how to effectively communicate with one’s technology department staff in order to break down barriers, cut through red tape, and get changes deployed to bang up site traffic.

I happen to know what I’m talking about! Not only was I formerly an in-house SEO, but I was also the head of the technology department at my former company. You might think that heading up tech dev might’ve made it easy for me to get what I needed done, but I still had to employee multiple interpersonal skills in dealing with other parallel technical departments, and in communicating effectively with developers within my own team.

Now that I’m an external consultant, I’ve had to work with IT staff within dozens of other companies as well, so I have a very broad experience in dealing with many styles of technical teams.

I guarantee that this session will be well worth attending, because I’ve got a number of tips that will empower search marketers to get all they need out of their technical teams!

Google Dance [2]SES San Jose is well worthwhile, if you’ve never attended one. All search marketers should attend one! Typically, the SES conferences held in New York and San Jose are the two best-attended of the conference series, with many thousands in attendance. San Jose is particularly great because it’s smack in Silicon Valley, so it often has many more representatives from each of the various search engines in attendance.

And, who can miss the famous Googledance [3]?!?

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