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Marriage Proposals Via Google Maps

What is it with Google Maps that seems to inspire people to propose marriage?

Proposal 2.0 - Marry Me Leslie
(Click to enlarge – Marry Me Leslie)

Googler Michael Weiss-Malik, a member of the Google Geo Team, planned ahead [1] and stood at the side of the road when the Google Street View pictures were being updated in a drive-by photo shoot. (Read Michael’s explanation [2] of what he did and why.) Google has been aggressively expanding Street View images [3] this summer.

Michael isn’t the first to have a marriage proposal appear in Google Maps. Here’s a few more we’ve collected in the past:

Will U Marry Me
“Will You Marry Me”


Marry Me D
“Marry Me, D”


Thelma, Will U Marry Me?
“Thelma, Will U Marry Me?”

Of course, people have also intentionally or unintentionally used Google Maps for communicating commercial promotion or ads — sometimes called “roofvertising [4]“.

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