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Google Pushes Reading Lists of Politicians & Pundits

Google announced [1] today that they’re introducing reading lists from major politicians like Barack Obama and John McClain along with reading lists from political commentators like Ariana Huffington [2] and Mark Halperin [3]. Google promoted the new service today on their homepage by touting the ability to read what Obama and McCain are reading, with a link line just below the search form:

Google provides Obama & McClain's reading lists
(click to enlarge)

The Google Reader blog states that you’ll now be able to “read what they read” and here their commentary as they share and discuss news.

If this gains sufficient adoption, I could easily see Google adding reading lists from many other influential people. It’s very interesting to see Google sort of promoting the blogging and commentary from a small set of users. It raises questions about who gets to be one of the lucky few — what about third parties and other commentators? Perhaps this is just the introduction of a service of this sort, and many more “read what they read” authors will be represented later on down the line as well…

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