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Increasing The Scope Of Existing PPC Campaigns Effectively

The complexity of Google Adwords is always on the rise and it takes time, skill and effort to achieve good results with PPC campaigns in terms of finding the sweet medium of increased conversions and reduced costs.

If you have an existing PPC campaign and it is performing decently, you can still increase its scope and hence improve its performance by targeting more keywords in the niche you are running your campaigns in.

You have to be logged into your Adwords account. The Opportunities tab in the Adwords interface is a great way to find out the keywords you are not targeting in your campaigns. The keyword ideas for each active campaign is listed and you can download them and analyze them in detail.

If your campaigns are targeted primarily to the US market, the Opportunities interface throws up keyword ideas which you can use straightaway. You can simply click the Preview button beside a campaign name and add suggested keywords straight into your live campaign.

For those outside the US, the best way to get a list of new keywords would be to click on the Keyword tools under the Tools section on the left column. Choose your location and language of choice and export the listed keywords as a CSV file and examine them manually.

You can compare them with the keywords in your existing campaign and after filtering the duplicates (along with keyword match type), you can manually add them into the relevant campaign.

A screenshot of the Keyword Tool screen is produced below.
Keyword Tool

For example, if I am running a campaign for Auckland seo here in New Zealand, in the box titled Word or Phrase, I would key in auckland seo. There is an option for choosing the location and language, traffic estimation and filtering keywords using boolean operators as in
Keyword Ideas With Targeting Parameters

The keyword tool results for the search term auckland seo returns the following results.
Keyword Tool Results

A few things to keep in mind when you add new keyword opportunities to your campaign:

In conclusion, the keyword opportunities interface clearly shows where you are leaving money on the table in your PPC campaigns and you may very well take cognizance of this and improve the scope of your keyword targeting.

On a different note, Google has been tightening the noose on affiliate marketers on the Adwords network. Many Adwords accounts have been banned over the last month with no specific reasons given. This could be due to the recent FTC rules pertaining to affiliate marketing.

Some affiliate marketers feel that promoting shady products or products with names like Google Cash or Google Money Tree may be the reason for their accounts being banned though they had promoted such products in the distant past.

This is a clear warning for every advertiser that Google does maintain track of all Adwords activities. Your actions today can bit back in future even though you may be ignorant of the consequences of your current actions.

Ravi Venkatesan is a senior SEO consultant at Netconcepts, an Auckland ppc service provider offering both seo and ppc services to their customers in New Zealand and Australia.

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