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LinkedIn, But NoFollow Link Love

We all knew it was only a matter of time, but still secretly hoped that the honeymoon would last forever. It does appear that LinkedIn has started nofollowing public profile links…but with a strange twist.

I’ve been so heads down in client audits that I didn’t discover this until, ironically, doing another audit for another client. However, I also don’t recall seeing many blog headlines in my Netvibes, so perhaps this one has rather floated under the radar a bit. Even a quick scan in Google doesn’t turn up much beyond this post, ‘Linkedin adds rel=”Nofollow” to profile links‘ over at Kingpin SEO, which dates this change around early-mid November. Based on my recent audit schedule, would make this about right.


LinkedIn Beta Tests New Homepage Layout

So, I’m at the SMX West conference tonight, hopping around networking with people and every so often updating my Flickr pix or sending work emails when I noticed that LinkedIn is apparently beta-testing a new homepage layout on me. Check out the screengrab of what I see now when I login to LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Beta of New Homepage
(click to enlarge)

So, they want feedback on their new design, so I’ll give it here. (more…)

Barack Obama Ad on LinkedIn

I saw this clever ad for Barack Obama running in the right sidebar of my LinkedIn profile page today:

Barack Obama ad on LinkedIn

I think it’s an ad, because the clickthrough link is tracked through DoubleClick. When you click on that ad, though, it pops you over to LinkedIn’s Question & Answers section… (more…)

Facebook to Expose Profile Info

Facebook just announced that they are going to begin exposing a minimal amount of user profile information to people who are not logged-in to the service, including allowing the info to be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Facebook Homepage

I’ve previously blogged about how using LinkedIn is important for the purposes of professional reputation management, and this change that Facebook has announced today causes me to state that they should also be something that users integrate with for the purposes of networking, proactive reputation management, and good career building.


Use LinkedIn for Career Building & Reputation Management

This past week, LeeAnn Prescott at Hitwise reported that usage of LinkedIn has risen by 323% in the past year:

Hitwise LinkedIn Chart
(click to enlarge)

For those of us working in the internet and information technology fields, this probably isn’t a big surprise. I started getting increasing amounts of LinkedIn invites a few years ago. If you’re not yet aware of the LinkedIn phenomenon, it’s a professional social networking site which allows you to post some biographical material, resume information, and then you can link up to your colleagues and other professional contacts who also have LinkedIn profiles.

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet, I’d encourage you to do so, because I think it’s beneficial to your career and good for your company. You should get everyone else in your company to integrate with it as well, because this could be beneficial to your company’s search engine optimization, too. Read on for more details.


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