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The overlap between Google and Yahoo! results is less than you might think

There’s a brand new meta search engine on the block called Jux2. Its premise is to find the overlap between the top 10 results across two major search engines. So far I’m really impressed with it. It even has a toolbar for Mozilla FireFox.

Jux2 conducted some tests to determine just how much overlap there is in the top search results on Google versus Yahoo! The results of their tests are very interesting. Such as:

For me, Jux2’s findings were a good reminder that the algorithms of the major search engines are markedly different, more so than one might imagine. So a metasearch engine that compares and contrasts two partially overlapping sets of search results makes a lot of sense. I think I’ll try Jux2 for a while and report back on my experiences.

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Yahoo! is blogging

Yahoo! now has a corporate blog, Yahoo! Search Blog. I’ve been a fan of an unofficial Yahoo blog, namely that of Yahoo employee Jeremy Zawodny, for a while now. But it’s good to see the company embracing blogging in an official capacity.

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Optimizing your search engine advertising

DoubleClick’s Smart Marketing Report in a recent interview of Jamie Crouthamel, president and CEO of Performics, were treated to some words of wisdom on how to launch and optimize a paid search advertising program.

Here’s some of the takeaways I got out of the interview:

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Caveat Emptor (Bidder Beware) – Google AdWords contextual ads gone wrong

Google’s contextual advertising technology that they picked up with the Applied Semantics acquisition isn’t flawless. It’s not always in the best light that your brand gets displayed within sites subscribing to the Google AdSense program. Take for instance the case where a web page featuring a story about a hacked up body in a suitcase displays a Google AdWords ad for luggage, as described in this Fast Company article. Or the also embarrassing but less gruesome example I came across on Robin Good’s website recently, as shown below:

contextual ad gone wrong

Bottom-feeding email marketing solution, anyone? 😉

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Googling Searching – my part 2 now on MarketingProfs

Part 2 in my 4 part series on Google power searching has just been released on This installment covers the range of advanced search operators, including site:, filetype:, inurl:, intitle:, cache:, info:, etc. and their application.
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How to Become a Google Power Searcher

The first part of my article series called “Unlocking Google’s Hidden Potential” is now available for MarketingProfs premium subscribers. The article provides tools to improving your Google search skills, including: word order, wildcards, Boolean logic, stemming, synonym searches, and much more.

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Etail Search Engine Optimization Awards… That was bizarre

Attending the Etail Awards dinner tonight at the Etail Conference in Fort Lauderdale, I was surprised to hear that Land’s End won in the search engine optimization category. Not because they didn’t deserve an award. They certainly do; they’re a great company and a true innovator in the online space, but because the award was based around their great internal search engine. Yes, you heard me right: an SEO award was granted for work done on internal search rather than external search. Kinda bizarre. Hopefully they’ll rectify this next year and break out internal search into its own separate Awards category.


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