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A Google web browser? That would be cool.

According to The Register, Google is headhunting staff to build a web browser. Apparently, staff have already been poached from Microsoft and Sun. I, like many others, welcome a Google web browser to displace Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the dominant browser. Just imagine… a second “browser war,” but this one could actually have a happy ending for us users!

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Ask Jeeves Spoof

There’s a new search engine on the block… or should I say, in the ‘hood? 😉 It’s called Aks Jeeves. No, that’s not a typo; it’s a spoof of Ask Jeeves, and man, is it funny! (Note: Parental guidance suggested. Or if you’re easily offended, you might want to pass on this one.)

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Multiple ad blocks per page on Google AdSense

Google has recently changed their AdSense policy on the number of add blocks you can display per page if you are part of Google’s AdSense program. That’s the program whereby websites can get paid for displaying Google ads on their web pages. Now you can display up to three ad units per page, according to Google.

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Google Grants is taking applications again

Non-profits rejoice! The Google Grants program is taking applications again. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Grants, it’s an allowance of free Google AdWords advertising for worthy non-profits. Here’s a short description of the program from Google:

“The Google Grants program is designed to help nonprofit organizations like yours further their goals and objectives through targeted, online advertising on Past Google Grant recipients have used their grants to publicize services and awareness, recruit staff and volunteers, promote special events, sell merchandise related to their organization or cause, and much more.”

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Google framing their arch-rival

at the way Google opens Yahoo’s stock quote page in a frame with Google’s logo in the top left.

Admittedly they also provide links to, MSN MoneyCentral, etc.

And they probably have some sort of agreement that they are allowed to do it. However, this is what people used to do in the late 90’s to cash in on other people’s content.

Nice that nothing really changes.

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