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Google Map API to Now Include Ads

InfoWorld reports that at a conference yesterday, Google Maps engineer Andrew Eland announced that Google has integrated its AdSense program with Google Maps so that those using their Maps API and developer tools would be able to derive money off the clickthroughs to the map ads when displayed on their site pages.

Closeup - Ads in Google Maps
Detail – Google Map Ads

This is really cool news for all of those out there who’ve been developing Maps mashups, particularly, because if you’re using the API you could potentially make something off of your work, particularly stuff that’s compelling enough to get lots of traffic.

It’s also very cool that Google’s apparently allowing developers to choose if the ads will appear at all in their maps, and if so, how many.

If you haven’t seen the ads appearing in the maps before, one of the best-known examples is to search for Hotels in New York City:

Google Maps Ads
(click to enlarge)

Though, I’m supposing for this new twist there must be ways for ads to just appear contextually for place map queries which do not include any sort of keyword. Perhaps that only happens in the Maps API.

This no-brainer integration of ad content, affiliate marketing, flexible API, and well-developed content/utility is the reason why Google continues to gain business and user-devotion. Good job, Google!

Now, the question will be — when might people be able to do self-service to buy the ads in Google Maps?!? I haven’t looked recently, but I’m supposing that these are primarily large-brand and/or national ads, since I haven’t seen any mentions of new targeting factors in the advertising blogs and forums…

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